When you want an air conditioning system that works first time, and never lets you down, it always pays to go with experience.


When you want to be able to cool or heat your entire home at the press of a button, a ducted system is just what you need. With discreet hardware that can be operated from a single centralised control panel, you’ll have the added convenience of an all-in-one solution for all your heating and cooling needs.


Ducted systems also offer the affordability of being able to turn air flow on and off in separate rooms if and when needed. This specific type of air conditioning system features an internal unit, or fan-coil, which is installed in your home’s roof space. A series of ducts will be set up to run from the main unit to each room in your home.

A system like this really puts the power in your hands, so that you can heat or cool each specific room using a set of individual controls. This is known as zoning.

Ducted systems are zoned to allow supply air to flow to different areas at different times of the day. Your home can be divided into individual zones for each room of the house. Zoning helps to improve efficiency and reduce running costs, especially during those hot Brisbane summers.

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Don’t know whether you should opt for a split or ducted system? We can help you make the best possible decision for your space. As HVAC technology experts, we can help you install the very best ducted system in your home or business space – if this is what you opt for.

To learn more or to get your tailored quote, reach out to our team today to learn more about out air conditioning supply and install services in Brisbane.

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