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General Terms & Conditions


The quote is subject to our Service Terms and Conditions of Trade. The quote is effective for thirty (30) days from the date received and thereafter the offer is deemed to be withdrawn.
You can accept the quote by signing and returning a copy of the quote or confirming acceptance by email and paying the required deposit amount requested.

Excite Electrical & Air shall not take responsibility for any damage or performance related problems caused by the ingress of any foreign matter or persons, animal or plant or part thereof, vandalism, accident, flood, fire, lightning strike, negligence or any other external source or act of God.
In the event of rain or associated weather events. Installations may have to be re-scheduled due to safety precautions or access constraints. If this is the case, we will inform you on the day (or prior if means are possible) and an alternative installation time/date will be arranged and agreed upon.

The air conditioning units are measured and installed to the standard and technical ability of the installation technician present to comply with best industry practice and to conform with manufacturer warranty standards. If, for any reason, you would like the unit installed at a non-standard height or position, please have someone present on the day to discuss, provide site instruction or oversee and sign-off on the work method requested if applicable.

All pricing will be clearly stated on your quotation or tender document prior to commencement of any work carried out by us.

All variations to original scope of works are to be provided in writing to the Excite Electrical & Air office. No variations to the scope of works will be undertaken by us until the payment terms have been agreed upon by all parties and the explicit written consent has been signed and provided as approval to these changes in scope.


The manufacturer of a new air conditioner unit may provide up to five (5) year manufacturer’s standard warranty.

The manufacturer of new water pumps may provide up to a one (1) year manufacturer’s replacement warranty.

We are not responsible for manufacturer’s defects or the warranties provided by those manufacturers and are entitled to charge for the labour costs of the work associated with a manufacturer’s defect including call out or breakdown fees.

Notwithstanding the above, we give careful consideration to all equipment recommendations we advise and install and will only use quality brands and products that we deem to be reliable and fit for purpose.


Excite Electrical & Air will grant a one (1) year warranty for our installation workmanship within the installation scope, extended to five (5) years if you actively engage us annually (1 per calendar year) to service and maintain the installed air conditioning unit (does not include any refrigerant gas or refrigerant leaks after initial 12 month defect liability period).

We grant a three (3) month warranty on refrigerant gas in respect to the re gassing of old air conditioning units. Any equipment/installation failure requiring replacement of refrigerant will be warranted for three (3) months only.

The following services are included in the quoted contract price:
(a) Supply of selected split-system air conditioning system (where stated);
(b) Installation of condensate piping/ductwork and interconnecting electrical/control cabling between all equipment supplied by Excite Electrical & Air as described in quotation or tender;
(c) Refrigerant pipe work / pair coil (suitably rated for the system it’s designed for R410A, R32 etc);
(d) Full commissioning and instruction of use to the user; if present on the day
(e) Removal and discard of packaging and waste supplied by us.
(f) Electrical installation:
i. A dedicated circuit for systems over 4.2kW (up to 20m maximum) to the metre box including 16- or 20-amp circuit breaker / safety switch combo (RCBO) and weatherproof outdoor isolator switch.
ii. Weatherproof outdoor manual isolator switch (to ensure safe electrical disconnection during maintenance procedures) as per AS3000 wiring rules.
iii. A localised general power circuit within 5m of the outdoor unit can be used for single split systems up to 4.2KW. If this circuit does not have adequate power available or is not protected by a safety switch (Residual Current Device or RCD) then adequate circuit protection (a circuit breaker and safety switch or the combination of both). Onto an existing
power circuit arrangement will be required under the AS3000 wiring rules. Additional cost $150 inc GST.
iv. Any circuit cabling which we cannot run through a ceiling cavity or easily accessible under floor situation will have to be surface mounted conduit on the wall, exact installation method will vary depending on your situation and additional costs may for this method apply.

(g) Outdoor condenser unit can be installed in the following ways:
i. Positioned directly on a clear, stable and level concrete surface area with anti-vibration rubber applied
ii. On a wall bracket
iii. On raised PVC feet
iv. On poly slab
v. On concrete slab
vi. On flat roof or roof bracket

Works undertaken by Excite Electrical & Air will always be conducted in a tradesman like manner and will advise the use of a wall bracket as the preferred method of installation. Both for longevity of the system and aesthetic appearance.


The following services are specifically excluded:
(a) The control of the colour of the indoor unit. It is as supplier has issued;
(b) Additional pipe – work over 3m metre via walls in ducting, ‘up and over’ installations via ceilings thereafter;
(c) Painting, re-decorating or general carpentry i.e. patching from removal of units, boxing in ductwork, plaster work and/or building structural work etc. (if required);
(d) Installation of condensate pump/s where gravity drainage is not possible;
(e) Penetrations through structures containing asbestos – walls to be checked for asbestos; client to have hole/s cut (if required); We reserve the right to refuse install method where asbestos containing materials may be present.
(f) Access to routine maintenance and service recommended annually to maintain optimal functioning of your unit and also to extend our workmanship warranty;
(g) Core drilling or any other non-standard penetrations;
(h) Any variations from the above and/or work not specified in this recommendation;
(i) Water Pumps;
(j) Electrical work not expressly specified in ‘Inclusions’;
(k) Switchboard upgrade (if required);
(l) Consumer mains upgrade / three-phase power upgrade (if required)


(a) Clear and unobstructed access onsite both internal and external shall be maintained for the installation team, vehicles and equipment. For the entire duration of the job.
(b) Indoor head unit will be generally installed on the most suitable external wall to allow for condensate drain fall. Our installers will not work over or above items during the installation process. These are to be temporarily removed or relocated prior to the installation process. Failure to do so may incur additional charges.
(c) Standard Back to Back install single story dwelling includes up to 3 meters of pair coil and up to 2 meters of PVC ducting, ducting end cap, electrical circuit up to 20 meters with safety switch and weatherproof isolator via accessible roof space or under flooring, up to 4 meters of condensate drain pipe from head unit,
(d) Standard back-to-back install on second story dwelling may incur additional cost
(e) Decommission, removal and discard of an existing air conditioning unit may incur additional cost
(f) Piping provided outside of standard install allowance may incur additional cost
(g) Duct bends, elbows or end caps may incur additional cost
(h) Electrical surface mounted conduit if required may incur additional cost
(i) All penetrations shall be sealed using a suitable silicon or acrylic sealant to dispel moisture and deter vermin.
(j) Indoor unit location wall is to be of the following construction Brick, Fibro, plasterboard, timber. If the construction is concrete or besser block than a machine core drilled hole will need to be provided at an additional charge.
(k) Outdoor units mounted above 1.5meters from ground level may require a material lifter to position. If required, this may incur additional cost
(l) Double cavity brick penetrations may incur additional cost
(m) Left hand side exit of pipe work may incur additional cost
(n) Right hand side exit of pipe work may incur additional cost
(o) Any additional condensate drain piping above standard 4m meters and including elbows, tees, saddles and fixings may incur additional cost
(p) Supply and replace of existing outdoor weatherproof isolator may incur additional cost
(q) Any existing electrical works shall be brought up to current wiring rule standards AS3000:2019


If the building is in frame stage at the time of initial installation, the Contractor disclaims liability for any damage to the Ducted System caused by you or another party (such as a builder) between stages of installations (retrofit to final stage).

The Contractor disclaims liability for any damage or performance related problems caused by ingress of any foreign matter or person, animal or plant or part thereof, vandalism, accident, flood, fire, or lightning strike.
This quote assumes adequate space will be provided for all ducting and fittings.

On completion stage, the unit is to be finished, commissioned with test run and setting up of zoning system. This includes a demonstration to the client who must be present on site.

Standard inclusions:
(a) Supply of chosen ducted air conditioning system including 1x zoning control system and 1x brand supplied air conditioning system
(b) Installation of pipework and all interconnecting electrical and control cabling between all equipment supplied by us (up to 20m) Standard residential installations rarely go over 20m.
(c) All ductwork and coverings
(d) Refrigerant pipework
(e) Standard round supply air registers (unless otherwise specified)
(f) Supply and installation of return air grille(s) (unless otherwise specified)
(g) Full commissioning
(h) A concrete slab for outdoor unit only up to 14.5KW’s as long as the ground is level and at the correct height
(i) Electrical:
i. Electrical power supply to chosen ducted air conditioning system
ii. Installation of interconnecting wiring including to thermostat and controls
iii. Single phase isolator for ducted system (20 Amp-32 Amp) (if required)

The Quoted Price and the systems KW Capacity are based on the following assumptions, disclosures and relevant factors which you acknowledge:
(a) Ceiling insulation with a minimum R2.5 rating together with ceiling ventilation must be installed.
(b) Ceiling insulation is important for refrigerated air conditioning as it helps maintain ideal energy output of the system. Lack of insulation may cause the outlets to ‘sweat’, damaging the ceiling during extremely hot weather conditions. Inadequate ceiling insulation is likely to result in damage to the ceiling cavity.
(c) Roof ventilation to reduce and remove hot air from ceiling cavity; reducing the heat load on the machine and ducting. We recommend mechanical ventilation to be installed or whirly birds.
(d) All glass facing west/north west should be concealed with drapes/blinds or tinted, as heat produced from direct sunlight may cause an increase in the temperature of the area which may in turn increase energy expenditure of the ducted system.
(e) Unless otherwise requested or specified, bathrooms, laundry and toilets are not included in airconditioned spaces.
(f) A minimum of 2 outlets should be on with fan speed on low up to a 14kw to help reduce air noise which will be noticeable. Closing outlets and having only one fan on at a time will increase noise and provide in correct temperature readings because the air is being forced through one outlet. Any system over 14kw to a 25kw should have a minimum of 3
outlets on at a time for similar reasons.
(g) Indoor noise from the return grilles, outlets or machine is affected by a large number of factors. The Contractor aims to install systemsis affected by a large number of factors. The Contractor aims to install systems
with noise levels equivalent to that of a ceiling fan but cannot warrant this depending on your situation.
(h) Outdoor air conditioning units are much quieter than older systems however they still do make noise, and this also depends on the size of the unit. Although an optimum location for installation will be sought, the Contractor does not take responsibility for system noise and you must take this into consideration.
(i) The Contractor takes into consideration the size, general usage and overall energy efficiency of the system and your home is separated into ‘zones’ for this purpose;
(j) Zone configurations need careful consideration and must be confirmed prior to installation;
(k) The size and price of the system must be appropriate for your objectives.
(l) A ‘day and night’ configuration will cool or heat bedrooms at night but cool or heat main living areas during the day. This is less expensive, more efficient, and is general practice for residential installations.
(m) Alternatively, you must opt for a larger system if you prefer heating and cooling in all zones throughout the day and night.
(n) Air in the room is cooled by the evaporator coil in the indoor unit, which is then distributed via fan to each separately zoned area. The return-air grille is a ceiling mounted filter which is essential to both filtering the air flow and detecting temperature. Every effort is made to position the grille away from visible areas, but position is determined by
maximum operating efficiency of the system.
(o) The system is operated via two wall controllers, one manufacturer supplied and one by Zone Controller. The Zone Controller is mounted with the manufacturer’s controller and allows zones to be switched on and off as desired.
(p) The temperature indicated on the wall controllers is approximate only and it is not uncommon to find a 2-5°C discrepancy compared to the true temperature of the zone. The Contractor does not warrant exact correlation between displayed temperature and actual temperature.
(q) Outdoor unit compressor can be installed in the following ways:
i. Positioned directly on a clear, stable and level concrete surface area with anti-vibration rubber applied –
ii. On a wall bracket
iii. On raised PVC feet
iv. On poly slab
v. On concrete slab


These are an automated water pump with a self-automated floater. We use Aspen or Sauremann. Which are some of the highest quality brands on the market. Water pumps may vibrate and cause some noise during operation.


Unless otherwise provided in writing within this quote or tender, the purchaser shall not be entitled to retain any part of the purchase price by way of retention monies to guarantee satisfactory operation of the equipment supplied and installed upon completion of the quoted works.


Whilst all care is taken to provide the most accurate quote via email or phone, minor changes or additions according to your personal circumstances may sometimes be involved on the installation day.

Any changes are discussed with you at the time of the installation, and there are no obligations to accept these. In minor cases the installation may have to be re-scheduled to the next available appointment.

Our installers will always strive to arrive at the scheduled time to avoid any inconvenience to you; however, they may at times be delayed due to previous appointments or by other unforeseen circumstances. If a scheduling situation arises, we will inform you at the earliest time we possibly can.


A Deposit is due and payable upon acceptance, for confirmation of acceptance of this quote, and before commencement of any work undertaken by us.

Upon completion of the work, a final payment is due and payable on the day of completion either by cash, or direct deposit (all banking details are found within supplied invoice).

All invoices are emailed upon acceptance to a specified email address unless unavailable, in which case these are then mailed to an appropriate home/PO Box address. Default interest of 10% per annum will apply to late payments, accruing on daily balances of the amount outstanding as well as a $25 administration fee; will be incurred on the remaining balance of the invoice if left unpaid after completion of work.

Where commissioning of your equipment is delayed due to circumstances outside our control, up to 80% of the final payment will become due for payment upon practical completion. All materials and equipment provided remain ours until payment is received in full.


We are not liable for asbestos dust, pollution or general asbestos-related damages caused by the movement of the material in the course of installation. We are not liable for any unforeseen electrical issues resulting from existing or inadequate works within the building which may arise when installing air conditioning or its auxiliary services.

We are not liable for damage caused to walls or ceilings incurred indirectly during the installation process. Eg. Popped or loosened plasterboard screws, plaster or paint flaking, peeling or cracking, dents and scratches. Or any pre-existing surface damage deemed by us while undertaking the installation process. Installers will always carry out installation works in a tradesman like manner and enlist a duty of care while doing so.


You must give us access to worksite in order to perform the contract. All works shall be undertaken during standard business hours Monday-Friday 7am-4pm. Unless prior agreed otherwise. Work outside of normal hours may out our discretion incur additional charges.


(a) The Contractor may subcontract parts of the work under this Contract to appropriately licensed tradespersons.
(b) If the Contractor subcontracts parts of the work under this Contract, the Contractor must make reasonable enquiries to ensure the tradesperson is appropriately licensed.


If this contract includes alteration, addition to, or repair of an existing structure, then you must take affect and maintain House and Contents Insurance upon usual and reasonable terms for the existing structure and its contents. Evidence of such insurances must be provided if requested.


Excite Electrical & Air holds all relevant licences, work cover and insurances including public liability to the value of $20M. Its employees and contractors also hold trade specific licences, insurances, inductions, police checks and child safety blue cards. Any or all of these will be provided upon request.


You agree and confirm your prior consent to receiving electronic communications by way of email pursuant to the Electronic Transactions Act (Queensland) 2001. If this contract is received by email, you may confirm your acceptance of the contract by return email agreeing to the terms and conditions.